HTC- What Is A High Ticket Closer™

OK, So What is This High Ticket Closer Thing?

I am always investing in myself through targeted education. That is how I came across Dan Lok and his program and coaching.

I have been selling or in a sales role since I was in the single digits of age, Haha. But I knew I always needed to sharpen my skills to stay fresh and keep good habits.

I remember the first video I watched from Dan, it was about his book FU Money. I found it interesting that he was very direct, no BS type of attitude. I saw through his colorful use of English and saw someone who has put in the time to make himself a success. I enrolled in his High Ticket Closer program right through his webinar, and I have never looked back.

I knew the term Closer, or Closing… For sure it is part of the sales process. But what did it mean in this context? I soon was immersed and found out. Here is an excerpt from

A High Ticket Closer™ closes deals on a premium product or service over the phone. But closers don’t act, dress, or talk like traditional salespeople. They don’t fit the common perception of the aggressive, pushy salesperson who pretends to be interested in you just to make a sale.

They don’t chase prospects or cold call leads to try to sell people what they don’t want to buy. Nor do they make door to door sales or travel from office to office, city to city in their car to make sales presentations. Similar to a how a doctor writes a prescription only if the patient needs it, a closer won’t sell a prospect an offer if they aren’t the right fit.

OK Sounds Cool Right? But how does this happen? I thought. And here is where my Affiliate Marketing background clicked. It relies heavily around a marketing funnel, a systematic path you lead your leads through, cultivating and educating them through the process.

As a Closer I am at the end of this funnel, guiding them across that bridge to get to their desired outcome.

Why not WATCH the same video I did, at the very least you will pick up some valuable information.

To Your Success,

M J Paparazzo