About Me

I first starting using the internet as an avenue to make money way back in the late 1990’s. I was a distributor for a health and weight loss company and I started building a site to showcase the products as well as email marketing to promote the business opportunity. I ended up walking away from that business with some battle scars but yet having learned a lot. In the time that passed (decades yikes!) so much has changed and when I decided, back in late 2018, to look into creating some passive income streams online, I knew I needed a mentor. The only issue is that there is so much garbage online trying to separate you from your hard-earned money. Yes, you do need to be able to invest in yourself but should it be on bogus ‘Gurus’ or outdated info, of course not.

So I started my journey (and continue it) and yes I can say I have wasted some cash on some bad products or courses but I have been very fortunate that I had an idea what I was looking for and what I needed to get out of a mentor. My passion is to share the resources I have used to get a foothold in the affiliate marketing niche. I utilize YouTube and Facebook and Instagram for free traffic, and I also use solo ads and paid ads for paid traffic. Although I cannot claim to be an expert at any of this, I do have some experience and can help out and point out some experts in the area of interest as well.

Follow me on my YouTube Channel ==> Here. I do not promote every single product or training released, but those that I think have some value and good support. I also have some tutorials and motivational videos.

I list out the tools I currently use in the My Toolbox section. If you do pick up anything in this section let me know, I will give you some dedicated time on messenger with a few questions.